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Love and Adore Australia has been created to help those who are in their 40’s and above find new friendship or perhaps love the second time around.We can help you if you are perhaps dating after a divorce or perhaps sadly you are now a widow.

It’s easy to get started with Love and Adore Australia by using our simple form, then by adding a profile with a photo that shows the real you.

Make sure your profile reflects your  personality and provides details of things you like such as travel, eating out or perhaps the sport you enjoy. Don’t be shy, many are looking for the same things as you.

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Instantly browse thousands of older dating member profiles and send a free  message to introduce yourself to the Love and Adore community. Your message will go to potentially hundreds of members, many in an area close to you. We even provide our top 5 tips on creating a winning dating profile for yourself.

Senior Dating

You are never too old to find a new friendship or relationship. Regardless of your age there will always be someone looking for the same things as you regardless of it being companionship, friendship or a long term relationship. Simply join, add a profile and then use our search tool to find senior dating members that match you criteria. Don’t forget there are potentially hundreds of potential seniors in your area with similar interests and needs.

Love and Adore Member Profiles

I am a loving, warm woman seeking love and companionship as well as chemistry with the right man.
I am a quiet, simple but happy person. I enjoy travelling, photograph, reading, good movies and classic music. Hope to have a partner share the rest of life together.
I am the very feminine kind of woman with a good set of moral values, sensitive, compassionate and passionate too, highly artistic and well read, supportive and fun loving. What I appreciate in someone is honesty, loyalty, integrity and a genuine, reliable character.
I am an active, outdoors person enjoying swimming, golf, running, gym, cycling and generally keeping fit. On the other had, I also enjoy the finer things in life; I enjoy plays, symphony concerts and ballet. Although I occasionally enjoy 5 star restaurants, I am equally happy at a little BYO cafe with good food, particularly if it is Italian.
Life is good and times fly very fast like wind. As times pass by, our age also add more and more. It is time for me to look for my other half. I don't know if I could meet the right one from here.

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